A few years ago I did a count & I owned over 40 tshirts (I can’t remember the exact number, maybe I blanked it intentionally). Any time I saw one I liked I bought it. They commemorated concerts, travel (not always mine), sporting events, etc

“Sign up for this run/ ride /skate /swim/caber toss get a free t-shirt” has always worked on me. (I know the entry price more than covers the cost of the shirt).

I only wore a few of them, My favourites. Then they wore out & I bought more. And more.

So, I decided to stop buying them. Simple decision, but harder to actually put into action. At first anyway.

In the past few years I’ve only bought one tee, had one given as a present from an overseas trip (it’s my new favourite), & received one as part of the entry package for a bike ride.

I’m proud that I can resist the temptation. It can be hard when I’m in a store & see one I really like. But I come home & forget about it.

The other part of my plan was to wear my old, ugly, or boring shirts. I use them for painting /housework / sleeping / under layers in winter. Saving the nice ones to wear when I want to enjoy them, or show them off.

It makes me happy when I can decide a shirt is ready to send to the charity shop (or, if it’s so worn out it needs to be torn up for rags, well that makes me feel I’ve really got my money’s worth from it.) I even like that moment when a Tee that has sat in my closet for years, all new & shiny, starts to look thin. You can imagine my excitement when it frays, or gets a hole in it!

Then I look in the wardrobe & select the next Tee. The next shirt that will serve its purpose & be worn. My mind has started to wander at this idea. Wanting to make a ‘Hunger Games’ style analogy, but not knowing the story. (I think there is a part where they choose the tribute & her sister stands to take her place.)

  • I have done an online search to find a picture for this post, & have now found lots of t-shirts I want to buy
  • Like in this picture, I do keep all my clothes lined up in colour order (but mine go in rainbow order)

Drunk Dial

A few years ago I worked in retail. It was my job to plan the rosters, schedule staff, and replace them if they called in sick. I came to work early one Sunday, a few days before Christmas, listened to my voice mails and found one unusual message.

It was from a young woman, a new-ish employee, was time stamped around midnight, and went something like this:

“Hi! I’m calling to say I can’t come to work tomorrow. I’m just too drunk! Bye”

She sounded very happy, and her friends were cheering her on in the background. Where ever they were it was noisy.

I was surprised and a little annoyed. I covered her shift, and shared the message with a work friend. She helped me see the funny side of it. We were soon laughing about silly things we’d done when drunk.

Later in the day I called the young woman, and in my most professional tone said I was checking if she would be coming to her shift the next day. She was very subdued and said yes. We usually had a friendly chat when we spoke, but not this time.

I arrived at work on the Monday to find a bunch of flowers and a lovely note on my desk. Poor kid, she was so embarrassed and sorry about what she’d done. She was even in early. I called her department to thank her, and say we should just forget the incident, and that I would not be taking it any further. She was very apologetic and sweet.

A few hours later, her Manager was in my office. She was a friend of mine & asked about the flowers. I swore her to secrecy, made her promise not to say /do anything, & told her the whole story. She was surprised when she heard who it was, but also laughed about it.

Working there was often crappy. Especially over Christmas. But that really lightened the mood for a few of us.